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Email Credibility – Why your email campaigns fail

Jul 15 2013

 When you see an email address that ends in “” or “” or anything else that is not a “” name, think about how that affects the credibility of that business. I would ask myself whether that business is a hobby, or is it a “real” business? Customers naturally want to protect their own interests by making sure they do not get “taken” by a vendor that will not deliver something of value. Web sites like eBay and Angies List address this by letting the buyers rate and review the sellers. But not all of us have ...


Are you charging the right price?

When I was growing up, I learned an important lesson about how people perceive value. My mother was working at a jewelry store, and the owner decided that she needed to clear out some old inventory, so she marked it down 50%. Sales tanked. People would ignore the great prices in favor of the more expensive goods. At first she thought that it was that people’s tastes have changed. So she tried an experiment: make the price higher. After a couple days, ...

3 Steps to Convert Followers Into Clients

Mar 25 2013

Often, I come across a business owner frustrated with social media. Most times their opinion of the modern marketing model is that it doesn't work-at least, not for them. Sure there is the argument of what the quality of the content is, or if the individual is even on the best platforms for their field, however, there’s also the argument of social media itself; although it’s wonderful to have followers, fans, and the like, how do you convert these people into clients?

How SXSW Has Brought New Ideas To Marketing Strategies

Mar 22 2013

 Recently, Austin hosted the South by Southwest Festival, with music, art, and social media as the main focus. The mood was electric with audiences closely involved in the evolution of new brands, and shaping older, more established brands. Challenges brands faced were met with interesting and creative solutions, such as real-time marketing, mobile...

Three Ways a Brand Can Create a Mobile Experience

Mar 15 2013

 Smartphones are overwhelmingly the most popular and fastest growing avenue to social media today. Add to that the growing trend of social media marketing, and a brand must set out its goals to reach consumers in a whole new way. Consumer behavior continues to trend towards mobile as the primary channel for customer engagement, however, the stakes for brands has been raised. Brands need to offer tailored mobile experiences that are relevant, add tangible value, and meet user goals in the process. In order to do this a brand must follow these easy steps...

How To Use Myspace To Market Your Brand

Back in the day, there was a little thing called Friendster. Then, Myspace came along and annihilated that social networking platform. Of course, we all know what happened to Myspace when Facebook came on to the scene, and the rest has been history. But, the little engine that crashed and burned reinvented itself and Myspace is ...

Twitter to Sell Ads-What Does This Mean For Small Business?

Recently, Twitter Inc. decided to work with partners including Adobe Systems inc. and Inc. to sell advertising alongside the site’s status updates. Twitter decided to make this leap into ad-space after taking a note from Facebook; selling adspace is just another source of revenue,but what does that mean for ...









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